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It is always absurdly simple when you explain it!

It is all about Granada Holmes

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Jeremy Brett


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The Sign of Four - Baker Street Irregulars

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I can relate to this on so many levels. ..

Yes a fire, Watson. A fire in my heart.


Two PR stills…and…could it be…another stage still from “The Secret of Sherlock Holmes”!

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Short explanation for the manip of Jeremy Brett as The Doctor

So for everyone who is interested;

It is actually just Jeremy’s head. It was impossible to find a full body shot of him in hig-res, so I decided I place his head over a body shot of Paul McGann. They have a similar physique.

The next I did was searching for another waistcoat and other pants/boots, which I found on diverse online shops for male clothing.

Everything together a few hours photoshop and I had a full body shot of Jeremy in a good looking Doctor outfit. The rest was finding a good background and a suitable body shot of Capaldi (what was not so easy because the official one when they introduced him, I don’t like much. This one is from a promo of Robot of Sherwood)

Here again all sources. x x,x,x

Jeremy Brett as The Doctor

x x,x,x

Jeremy Brett / Doctor Who Manip

So I am working on a photoshop thing. Jeremy Brett and the TARDIS. Jeremy Brett being the Doctor or/and being Capaldis Companion.

He is a comin’, the Jeremy Doctor!!

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Granada Holmes - Episode 1x01 (1984)

The way they look at each other gives me life.

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