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Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Granada Television Series 12 Disc Box Set

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Granada Sherlock Holmes + Text Posts


So as said, I did a heavy Theme change on my blog.

After a few days meddling with the design, html and my wandering mind about font size and color, I think I am finished.


I made some changes and added some (serious?) stuff.


The blog has now an Submit Button (honestly I am not sure if my old one had one already), so you guys can submit stuff. And, the major new thing; this blog now has an Question&Answer section, short Q&A or more familiar as FAQ.


There you can find Q&As about Granada Holmes and Jeremy Brett, and this blog. If you want to suggest more questions, please do, because I am sure I forgot important things people should know when they start to get into Granada.

Then, I added a new feature. Tagged posts. You can search my post for the here seen tags. To be honest; the feature came with the design and I liked it - so was not the plan. The second, I mostly tag only my own stuff, because I am very lazy and tags from reblogs do not show up in the search, and everybody who needs a trigger warning for Granada or Jeremey should probably not follow me ;).

After having the feature now, I will try to be more “taggy” (gosh, am I funny tonight?!) Everyone suggesting I could show more Tagged Posts, I am pretty sure I could, but I don’t know how. My html is lousy. When I find out, I will ad maybe the single episodes, but do not count on it.


And last but not least, I have a calender now! (Yeah, buy one, get 7 free…) and a search bar! (no pic included)


If you see any errors, wrongs or what ever, message me. If you have ideas, message me, if you have anything else, message me!

Hope you guys like it, take care everybody!


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Anonymous asked: your tumblr is so perfect! I'm glad I'm not the only one who really likes Jeremy and his marvelous Sherlock..

I… I am..

thank you, so much!

You’re ordinary.You’re on the side of the angels.

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Granada Brettish Holmes - NEW THEME

Okay Everybody!

After having in mind to change my theme since a couple month, I did it today!

But is still not finished yet. Some stuff not looks like I want it. I have to try to fix it in the code - and I have no clue about HTML so it will take a while because I use several html-help-sites and I feel like a hacker or something.

Just in case you people go directly to my blog - it is still GBH, so don’t be confused!

I will announce when everything is fine. But right now, Asks should still work, so when you want to talk to me, go ahead!

Everybody take care!

Okay very stupid comment, but I always thought that was Toy Story.

Okay very stupid comment, but I always thought that was Toy Story.

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